Saturday, 4 April 2009

World, I have a Message For You

This loon, this nutcase, this lump of shite that masquerades as a man and a father,

this snivelling transparent lying cunt,

and this whore, this lying dog turd whore,

are taking a shit in your mouth, and you're fucking eating it, and asking for more I've no doubt.

I am so disgusted with this obscenity, chew away you sad sad cunts, chew away.

But remember these words today, from me and all the rest of us that don't buy into this bizarre world that these cunts have created, remember today, remember it well, and when the whole sordid house of cards comes tumbling down and these twats are exposed for what they are, don't, don't for pity's sake start whining with your "well I nevers" and your "who would have thought it's" the truth is staring you in the face.

Open your fucking eyes.