Friday, 3 April 2009

Gallery Thirty Six

I don't know why it's taken me so long to produce a little something depicting my take on the relationship between Gerry McCann and his mouthpiece Clarence Mitchell.

I've always found it strange that the parents of an abducted child should need the services a spin doctor, it must be unique in fact, the first time ever that aggrieved parents would do such a thing.

I could of course be mistaken, it wouldn't be the first time, but having given it a little thought I have it somewhere in the back of my mind that the McCanns were spared the dubious honour of being the first in the record book, spared indeed by being pre-empted by John and Patsy Ramsey who employed the services of Lin Wood* after white trash mother offed her daughter JonBenet Ramsey.

I digress a tad, to the point then. We are all more than familiar with this rather bizarre scene below of said aggrieved parents and their creature, but it was the second image that finally galvanised me into a little creative action.

I had never seen this particular photo before yesterday, others depicting the return to work of the good Doctor McCann yes, but never this particular one that reveals the presence of fore mentioned spin doctor, the odious Clarence Mitchell.

Joined at the hip so it were, inextricably linked, welded together forever and a day, something I'm sure Clarence Mitchell is not unaware of, particularly when the inevitable day of reckoning arrives.

Lin Wood* scroll down for: Ramsey attorney fights back in civil court, public opinion Wood's name made with Ramseys
One or two things might have a ring of familiarity about them.