Tuesday, 21 April 2009

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Thought for today: We've lost our child and we're going on the Oprah Winfrey Show.


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Who writes this shit?

Disgraced Portuguese cop Goncala Amaral is desperate to appear with Madeleine McCann’s parents on Oprah.

Gerry and Kate McCann flew out to America yesterday.

They will appear on the TV show, hosted by Oprah Winfrey, 55, to mark the second anniversary of Maddie’s disappearance. And the couple will use the high-profile slot to release images of how Madeleine, who would be nearly six years old, may look now.

Amaral, kicked off the investigation after wrongly branding Gerry, 40, and Kate, 41, suspects, has emailed the show makers asking to appear.

He has offered to pay his travel costs and has yet to receive a response from the show. The McCanns agreed to appear on Oprah because it is shown in 144 countries.

They hope it will aid the hunt for Maddie, who vanished from Praia da Luz, Portugal, on May 3, 2007.

Kate and Gerry, from Rothley, Leics, wrote on the official Find Madeleine website: “As the second anniversary of Madeleine’s abduction approaches, there is much still to be done.

“We continue to remain focused on our aim – to find Madeleine and bring her back home safely.

“As Madeleine’s parents we cannot and will not ever stop doing all we can to find her.”

The couple have also been working with a C4 documentary crew.

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My hat off to Tony Bennett.

Thought for today: Does nobody get embarrassed any more?

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Something a little different to start the day off, bits and bobs I came across yesterday and a couple more to come throughout the day.

Hat tips to all concerned.

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I seem to be having a bit of a god slot today, not particularly intentional, apart from the "prayers" post of course, this next piece is about Leicester plod but when I checked up on Chief Constable Matt Baggott, the ubiquitous Sky Daddy pops his head up yet again.

It would appear that our Chief Constable is a godly man, a Christian of the highest order in fact.

Matt was awarded a CBE in the 2008 New Years Honours. He was awarded the Queen's Police Medal in June 2004, elected a Fellow of University College London in 2006, and awarded an Honorary Doctorate of Letters by De Montfort University, Leicester, in July 2007. He is President of the Christian Police Association, and Vice President of the National Association of Police Chaplains. Until recently he was also a Trustee of Crime Concern for many years. Bio

To die before one's time is always a tragedy, to die in infancy and before your life even gets started is a tragedy without equal. The only blessing for Madeleine is that she cannot witness just how worthless her life to those in a position to give it value even in death.

A far greater blessing is that she can never witness the behaviour of her parents.

The following lifted from the Three Arguidos, not something I shall make a habit of but it is too important a subject to ignore. Some snips from the first page.

Author. Sherlock: Proof of Leicester Police Collusion With Cover-Up

I have just reviewed Clarence Mitchell's pretendy policeman press conference on cooperman. The spin is nauseating but crucially Stuart Prior AND his team are on record as alerting the PJ to the fact that Mrs Coopers second statement was radically altered from her original . Mitchell pretends that her second statement is the same as her first one and that her second statement was passed to PJ in May 2007-he does his usual mealy mouthed hinting that the PJ have ignored Mrs coopers statement in fact they didnt get her radically different account until AFTER clarrie's pretendy policeman press conference. Stuart Prior and his colleagues were fully aware of these facts yet sat on their hands and did nothing-if LEICS police Genuinely BELIEVED that Madeleine had been abducted they should have immediately cautioned and countered the misinformation being spread by Clarence Mitchell and at the very least cautioned him regarding perverting the course of justice-if they know full well Madeleine is dead they should have cautioned him and informed the general public of the discrepancies in mrs xcoopers two disparate account -they sat on their hands and did neither-I am OFF TO the IPPC website

(Follow up Sherlock) :
Fat lot of use that was-the only person who can complain on MADELEINES behalf is someone with her written permission or the relatives who caused her to disappear or the useless judge who is supposed to represent her and qants the fictional cooper/bundleman caught-still think I am on to something though I wont waste my time on Matt Baggott-the macs are not the only people who know people

(Somethinfishie reply):

'the only person who can complain on MADELEINES behalf is someone with her written permission '

Good one sherlock.So a missing,possibly dead child needs to give written permission for people to ask questions on her behalf. You couldn't make it up.


Off the top of my head, here are just a few of the things the LP did with our tax pounds:

1) Sent a family liasion officer to PDL
2) Brought in numerous other Forces to assist
3) Provided a Police escort from the Airport to Castle Gardens for the Prime Suspects
4) Collected a pillow from Castle Gardens & Delivered it to the FSS
5) Assisted in getting M Harrison to Portugal & then ignored his report
6) Provided a Link from the LP web-site to the private Company web-site of the Prime Suspects
7) Travelled to Portugal to prevent 'certain information' from reaching the Public
8 ) Witheld for 5 months witness statements incriminating one of the T7
9) Communicated with the T9 in a highly casual, friendly & wholly unprofessional manner
10) Went to the High Court & allowed TM to get their hands on 141 (or thereabouts) pieces of information
11) Continued to support the Private Company of the prime suspects by advertising a link to the web-site

& last by no means least,

12) perverted the course of Justice by advising the T9 that they so no value in them returning to PDL for the reconstruction.

I know that there is an awful lot more, that is just for starters.

The LP have spent millions of pounds on the Investigation, but on what exactly & of what benefit to the investigation ?


13 ) Allowed the tapas group to read their previous statements, and each other's depositions, allowed the tapas to change and edit the answers, led the answers, boycotted the recordings of the said statements - FACT

14) Leaked documents to journalists and to the McCann Team. - FACT

Link in the header.

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Thankfully none more than a minute or two in length, seven short clips of that odious little shite John McCann, this link to the second clip in which he lies and bullshits his way around the "dining in your back garden" mantra. He's such a little cunt.

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I've cut the proverbs out of this..... call it what you will, nor have I highlighted any particular tract, there are far too many.

The spelling in this piece gives away the country of origin, and no you can't have prize for a correct answer.

Prayers For Madeleine:

Lord, we declare freedom to Madeleine, liberty to return to her family. Lord, we recall how you miraculously released Paul & Silas, and we pray a miraculous release for Madeleine, and we give You all the praise and honor and glory for her rescue.

Lord, we are standing on this word and trusting You that Madeleine will not be afraid, that she will be secure in the love of her heavenly father and family, knowing that they are looking for her, trusting that they will find her very soon.

For Kate, Gerry, and Madeleine:

Lord, we believe this word, that You are with Kate, Gerry, and Madeleine, that as they pass through this desperate time, You are carrying them. Your word says we are pressed but not crushed, persecuted but not abandoned, struck down but not destroyed, we are blessed beyond the curse for Your promise will endure, Your joy will be our strength. Lord, may Kate, Gerry, and Madeleine feel Your loving arms wrapped around them as You carry them through this dark night, these troubled waters, this burning fire. Fill them to overflowing with the power of Your Holy Spirit, that they will have great faith to trust in the sufficiency of Your grace, the power of Your presence, the strength of Your joy.

Lord, as Kate and Gerry meditate on Your word, we pray Your truth will bring real comfort and hope to them.

Lord, cause Kate and Gerry to lay the search for Madeleine at Your feet, for You, O Lord, are capable, all-powerful, and loving. Cause them to trust You completely to accomplish Your perfect will. We pray they will not seek help from any source that is not of You.

For the investigation:

We pray that You would flood Praia da Luz and surrounding area with Your light and love, that the darkness would not be able to hide but would be exposed by Your light and justice.

Lord, cause a flood of witnesses to come forward. We declare they will not fear man but will trust in Your divine protection for them and their families so they will have the courage and boldness to submit information that will lead to the rescue of Madeleine. We pray You will show them who to give their information to - reveal who is on Your side and who is being used as a tool of the enemy.

Lord, give those in authority wisdom as they choose a replacement to head Madeleine's investigation. We pray for a righteous man to be placed in this position, the person of Your choosing, one who will seek You for wisdom and direction in the search for Madeleine. Cause this to be a new day for Madeleine's investigation, that they could move forward with great acceleration as they seek You daily for divine guidance.

Lord, we speak truth in the media. We declare an end to wild speculation.

The above sounds all too familiar to me, you see I used to come across lots of these noble institutions when I blogged about America. If you really fancy giving yourself a cor blimey moment or two, have a wander through some of the archives in any of these sites. It's a revelation I tell ye.

You can pray for Bush. (as he goes about his important work in Iraq.)

And just so you don't get your days mixed up here is your own prayer calender.

I was about to say that the Presidential Prayer Team has hijacked Obama, but they haven't, he's just as bad as the rest of them, but for the funny stuff I guess you need to delve back into the Dubya archives.

And last but by no means least the Presidential Prayer Team for Kids, now that's really what I call child abuse.

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X asked: Their whole case was based on Kate knowing that Madeleine had been abducted when the wind from the open window blew the curtains.

If someone had a key they would come in and go out by the door. Why try to take a child out of the window, or even pass the child to someone else if you have the key.

Y replied:
Simply to mask the fact that they had the key.

The last time I heard an argument like that was that God had made fossils look old and placed them in the earth to, wait for it, " Test our faith" Bill Hicks explains.