Sunday, 5 April 2009

Galerie de Cirque

By no means wishing to put a downer on things and I suppose it's a bit rich coming from me, but there can be a downside of using humour to put one's message across.

.Hopefully in most of the stuff I produce the underlying message is apparent, if it's not then it's my failure, but given the amount of chagrin produced with each new day in this seemingly endless obscenity, hopefully my offerings lighten your mood a tad without detracting from the issues at hand.

I have in the past written a few words about such dangers, entitled The Dangerous Deception of Dubya should anyone be the least interested.


'Twould appear Moi is not the only one that is less than a tad joyous over Leicester plod's role in this affair, I dropped on this wee snippet this morning.

Stuart Prior and Leics Police Know There Is No New Evidence
What are they going to do when they see this gross misrepresentation of the facts -keep quiet? Take the dog for a walk? Not tell their families its a pack of spin and lies? Or just retire early -take the pension and forever know the disgusting part they played in the cover up in the death of a neglected child-Call youself police officers? You are a disgrace to the uniform. - by Sherlock

And a suitable reply.

Sherlock, the role of British police in all this is truly mysterious, isn't it?

My guess: they were instructed to protect the McCanns from the Portuguese police.

So yes, I believe they will keep very quiet about this. Or perhaps they will organise another event and give Gerry a standing ovation for his valiant services to missing children? source



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