Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Thought For Today.

Seeing as it's topical here's an old one, produced when it was mooted before that bollocks was going to appear on Oprah.

Drive on Gerry, drive on.

Thought For Today:
Crack on Gerry lad you're doing a grand job, slam her into gear, pop that clutch, and drive on!

PS. Look forward to seeing you on Oprah.

PPS. Better break out the Kevlar when you go, there are some very funny bunnies in God's chosen country, you too Kate they seem to take exception to baad mommies.

But there again you might be alright, the loonies seem to reserve their more extreme measures for people who interfere with the unborn, once a sprog is out of the womb they don't seem to give a fuck, bit like yourself I suppose.

Enjoy your trip.

PPPS. And you Katykins, I have always known you were a dim fucker, you don't have to confirm it yet again.
I honestly thought you were learning a bit of sense by keeping your head down, why you've gone and picked up a shovel is beyond me, you don't have to do any digging, you're husband's digging a hole big enough for you both, all by himself.

Dear visitors, you might follow this link to the Paul Hill Message Board. Scary shit I tell you, very scary shit, the barmpots have elevated Hill to Sainthood and he and JC himself no less are having a mighty craic up in the sky palace.

Other links around the site are at the bottom of the comments board, but if you read nothing else, read the comments.

ETA: To read the comments in the right context you need to know that Paul Hill murdered an abortion providing doctor. Hill was then duly murdered by the State.

Footnote: I have just re-read the comments myself after a couple of years, Jeebus!