Saturday, 18 April 2009

An Open Letter To Kate McCann

Mrs McCann,

There has been much rumour and speculation on the net as to the present state of your mental health, that rumour and speculation, believe it or not, has been accompanied by quite a degree of sympathy felt towards you.
This sympathy coming in fact from people and places that are far from sympathetic to you, your husband and your deceitful ways, and it is to some degree that I would include myself among this group, we are after all just ordinary people who seek but two things.

Those two things, no let us make that three, we seek justice, though I don't know what the face of justice would look like in the case of your daughter, we certainly and unquestionably seek the truth, far too many people have been tainted and near ruined for us not to seek that elusive component in this sordid affair, and lastly and by no means least we seek to put a stop to this vile sham and despicable fraud that you are visiting on the gullible.

It was my original intention to write this note in a kindly manner, appealing to you in fact, appealing you to give up this ongoing deception that is fooling no one other than the foolish.
I think that most of us that have taken to concern ourselves with this case, rightly or wrongly believe that you, "us," and the rest of the world and the situation we find ourselves in is solely and equivocally the net result of subsequent actions taken by your husband since that fateful night.

As part of my appeal I was going to make mention of Robert Murat and how, to put it ever so politely, you wronged badly. But that said, part of my appeal for you to come forward and speak the truth would be, though mine not to give, forgiveness for the wrongs that you rained down on that poor man's head.

It was with this forgiveness in mind that prior to starting this letter I re-capped some of the things that you or "friends of Kate McCann" or a "source close to the family" still you in fact, had said about Robert Murat.
And having re-read this particular offending article Mrs McCann I can say but this, any degree of sympathy that I had begun to afford you has gone, unlike your phantom abductor of course, straight out of the window. This flight of my sympathies I might add, hurried on their way by the aura pathos you try to achieve in the accompanying photograph, when in actual fact all you did manage to achieve was indeed to look pathetic.

So now Mrs McCann no appeal from me, a warning perhaps, or better still let us call it advice, whether you perceive it as good advice is entirely up to yourself.

There is much talk on the internet that you are to appear on the Oprah Winfrey show, how true this is I know not for there is much writ on the net that cannot be believed, but what I say to you now you can believe and believe it without a shadow of doubt.

Should you appear so, to perpetrate your ongoing lies and to further perpetrate the fraud of the find Madeleine fund, should you do this, the animosity directed towards you that has previously been displayed on the web will then seem like a frolic through the glen compared to what will then befall you, any sympathy that might have been felt for you will vanish in an instant, the much sullied scales of justice will be held aloft by many and sympathy will be lost to you, every day for the rest of your sorry life.

Believe this, the quest for the truth will be in perpetuity, as we old ones fade away or die there will always be someone that will take up our fallen standard.

You are doomed Mrs McCann, perdition will be your world, if indeed it not already is.

~ ~ ~ ~

Kate McCann: My suspicions over Murat's alibi on the night Madeleine vanished