Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Gallery Fifty Three

I thought something a little more meaningful might be more appropriate to call it time with.
There may be one or two others that deserve the dubious honour of being included in this rogues gallery but it's not by accident that I chose photographs of close family waving their posters about in complete mockery of everything and everybody associated with this case and not least Madeleine McCann.

Again it is not by accident that I chose not to include the older relations of the family with the main protagonist in this ghastly affair. Those older peripheral family members who though are more than likely to be well aware of the status quo, but who are in no position to speak out or influence affairs, then it would hardly seem fair to include them.

And of Kate's mother and father, quite simply they have my sympathy, they are stuck between a rock and a hard place, and to have a disaster such as this visit them at their time of life is I think worthy of such sympathy.

Even knowing Kate's involvement in the whole ball of wax, and even having lost their granddaughter they wouldn't want to "loose" their daughter as well, it's unrealistic to expect them to speak out against Kate McCann.
They, like many others involved in this shabby affair, must lay their heads at night and pray that it will all go away.

But it won't will it, their daughter and their wonderful son-in-law have made sure of that.

It's never going to away, not of course until the inevitable comes to pass, the truth comes out.

~ ~ ~
Fighting Crime In Gotham City: Spot The Imposters

Some company for Twatman and Knobin who you may have met previously.

Rucman and ?

Woftman and batshit crazy woman.

And that's the end it for a spell, time to embrace the summer, and who knows, with a bit of luck something might transpire between now and the autumn that would allow me, and one or two others who feel the same way, to put the pen away, sit back, and read all about it.

But I won't be holding my breath.