Friday, 1 May 2009

Gallery Forty Four

Today as your thoughts turn to Madeleine, might I ask you to spare one for this creature and know his mettle.

Thought For Today: Leicestershire Plod, it's long past time for your resignations.

Your prior record and your ongoing support of the McCanns can only be interpreted in one of two ways:

You are corrupt, ergo you are not fit to be in the job.

You believe the McCanns to be innocent, this makes you either extremely simple or very foolish, ergo you are not fit to be in the job.

These two are seriously taking the piss, but I can find some consolation that come judgement day, the terrestrial one that is, there are going to be, not ten of thousands, not hundreds of thousands, but millions of very foolish looking crimson faces about the place.

But it won't be the red faces per say that will be the problem, it will be the humiliation. for when the humiliation takes the only path open to it, then the real fun will start.

When the humiliation turns to anger these two incredible pieces of detritus are going to have to be locked away in a cell so tightly and protected to such a degree that fresh air and daylight will have to be pumped into them, after having first going through security that is.

In the meantime, I shall carry on with my knitting.

Sweet dreams you two.

I paid a call on me granny, as you do, and her being a hundred and forty like.
Well we got to chatting about various subjects and one of the things discussed was just how crap the modern day print media had become.

Eeeh lad, she said, does tha know nowt? 'tas always bin like that, go up to th'attic and bring me down that old suitcase.

Well I brought it down and she opened it up and I beheld a historical treasure trove, not least some very interesting old newspapers, but even more amazing she had actually saved both the early and late editions of a Daily Mail issue.

'ere, have a gander at these, said she.

Saturdays front pages.

Clarence Mitchell, you are such an arsehole.
And the Daily Mail is your toilet.

Get the bags ready, we are in for days of embarrassing arse licking drivel.

Why oh why is every motherfucker in this country ever so fucking 'umble?

I despair of it, all three rings are going full belt, and these wankers don't even know that the circus is in town!

~ ~ ~

Thought For a Few Days : Just one of you, is it too much to ask?

ETA : Having just read all that shite in the mail I have my doubts, boy do I have my doubts.