Friday, 8 May 2009

Thought For Today. Leicester Police And The Link That Won't Go Away

A bit like us I suppose.

A blatant bit of copy paste, hat tip to "Mr D" emphasis mine.

The link to the MCann's website on the Leicester Police site is bizarre.

Say I have some evidence or information that is a potential lead.

I don't like to contact the Police so I take the advice of Leicester Police and report my information to Team McCann.

Team McCann will look at the information and filter it - is it helpful or hurtful?
Anything that is not 100% in line with their version of events (the big lie) is sure to be discarded.

For Mr Stuart Prior to suggest that the McCanns website offers a suitable alternative method for reporting information about a serious crime, he should be 100% certain that the person(s) receiving that information are impartial and fair and will not have any bias at all!

How consistant is Stuart Priors justifiaction for the weblink with the principles and values of Police work in the UK?

How certain is Stuart Prior that information passed to Team McCann will be treated in confidence and considered fairly?

I believe that link is wrong and we should not accept the rude response that we received from the Leicester Police in response to our FOI request.