Sunday, 11 October 2009


Fiona Payne's statement

PLOD 1485. “Did the twins wake up at all?”

Reply “They didn’t. They didn’t”.

1485 “In the aftermath?”

Reply “No, and that was the other thing, she kept going into the twins, she kept putting her hands on the twins to check they were breathing, she was very much concerned in checking that they were okay.

But they were okay, I mean, they were fine, they didn’t, they were asleep, but at the time it did seem weird, I remember thinking, you know, when the Police came they turned the lights on, there was loads of noise, obviously from the moment Kate discovered that Madeleine was gone, the screaming and the shouting and there was a lot of noise and they, they didn’t, you know, so much as blink”.

"they didn’t, you know, so much as blink”

"they didn’t, you know, so much as blink”

"they didn’t, you know, so much as blink”

"If she's dead she's dead, but not by their hand." - Clarence Mitchell

A one minute clip of Ronnie Reagan Spitting Image, to lighten the end up a tad and ten minutes of something I have never come across before, The Life & times of Ronald Reagan. Part 2 of 5