Thursday, 8 October 2009

Gallery Seventy Three


By Dr Martin Roberts
08 October 2009

One wonders if, after all this time, there are still western representatives in Iraq who believe in the X Files dictum: 'The truth is out there somewhere.' If so they share the same misinformed mindset as those 'searching' for Madeleine McCann, for make no mistake, the McCanns, in cahoots with their various spokespersons, are attempting slowly to talk their way toward innocence.

From the recent Media Law Committee Sessions of the International Bar Association Conference, we glean the following opinion:

Wrongly accused

"Of course, no prosecution was ultimately brought against the McCanns; having protested their innocence throughout, the Portuguese Prosecutor finally exonerated them on 21 July 2008 when their 'arguido' status was lifted and it was confirmed that there was no evidence whatsoever to suggest that they had played any part in their daughter's disappearance."

Was it really the Portuguese Prosecutor who 'protested their innocence throughout,' or...more mccannfiles


Whistling Dixie.