Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Quote Of The Month

No engrams had made themselves known to me during my self audit, so back into the coal shed went my trusty E-Meter, there to wait patiently until next called upon to guide me and show me safe passage through this wicked world.

What now says I? well that was a quandary soon dispelled after I took shufty, via the sitemeter, at the recent list of visitors to the blog and their referring links.

I had never noticed a visit from this place before, justice4mccannfam, it's not, could it be, perhaps it is? and though I had never visited the site previously, I was wary, it's reputation preceded it.

Better strap in first I think, I've done a bit of travelling in parallel universes and arrived at some very strange places indeed I might say.

Strap on the garden bench then, big breath, click, we're off!

And parallel universe it was, a truly staggering place, where reality was a stranger and truth had not yet broken through that next dimension, that dimension in which their world existed.

No link of course, the initial post I arrived at was forum/MBM latest news/ Filthy pitchforkers, and there kiddywinks you will discover worlds yet unknown to you.

And finally we get to this bit, the bit that inspired the post.

There was stuff I found there that amazed me, astounded me, but the last thing in the world I would want do is to paste it into these pages, but this little pearl I couldn't resist. not at all at all.

"To find the truth, then all evidence needs to be examined, and all possible leads looked at,not just the ones that make the McCanns look guilty."

Nine and a half minutes of Tom, I'm batshit crazy, Cruise; Scientologist.