Saturday, 3 October 2009

Gallery Seventy

Interesting link to a previously unknown to me forum, only one page as yet but I'm sure it won't stay as such. h/t JKH

I've had a trip to the library today as you might guess.

This last one above is more than a bit tongue in cheek. Guilt! I wouldn't think it's an emotion she's capable of, not for anything, not for her daughter and most definitely not for the lives, that with the help of that disgusting piece of shit Mitchell and their scumbag lawyers Carter Ruck, they have ridden rough shod over.

Not a bit of guilt in the slightest I shouldn't wonder, anybody and everybody is expendable, just so long as it keeps their sorry guilty arses out of the place they so deserve to be, a fucking jail cell, a fucking jail cell in a wing reserved for the nonces and other lowlife scum of this world, somewhere they can call home.

There were times occasional when I might have felt some small degree of sympathy for the woman, but gone, eroded away each time I have watched her unconvincing lying performances, she is such an undeserving cunt.

I have to admit I am reaching that point where I need to take one of my periodic breaks, but with so much going on at the moment I feel duty bound to hang in for some while longer and fight my own little corner in my own little way.

I cannot help but wonder of those that campaign for justice for Madeleine McCann, what proportion have ever previously picked up, or even thought of picking up a banner and going on a crusade such as this.
Whereas I have blogged previously on social issues and I do value the socialist ideals that I hold, this crusade for justice is I must admit, something very novel and quite out of character for me.

Now let me take you out of the mire for a minute or two and give you a brief glimpse of what life was like before I had ever heard of these grotesque creatures, a glimpse then when my time and essence was channelled into creating something of beauty, and in that creation, joy.

Let me introduce you to "my girls," I say my girls, but in fact she is just the one girleen as she goes about her morning.



I'm not sure any of these are perfect for capturing Amaral's mood, so I shall leave it to you to choose your own.

And this fucker has a licence to practice law?! and here's me thinking Britain's in bad shape, stroll on!
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